The SnoreMeds Team

SnoreMeds™ employs a specialized team of professionals all qualified in their areas of expertise. The snoring mouthpiece devices are assembled and packaged at the SnoreMeds premises with strict control and quality checks are taken to ensure the highest standard of quality

SnoreMeds™ prides themselves in quality, not only in the production, packaging and distribution but also in customer service. Although SnoreMeds™ has grown from humble beginnings we still honor the 45 day online product guarantee.

As SnoreMeds™ is involved in a niche market, we have the opportunity to gather specialized information and research the Stop Snoring and sleep deprivation market. Our endeavour and long term goal is to utilize our extensive database for the engineering and production of stop snoring mouthpiece devices that will assist patients who suffer from snoring.


Michelle Hall-Jones

Business owner Michelle Hall-Jones believes in improving the lives of people that snore and their partners, we introduced our first mandibular snoring solution into the Global market in 2008. The partners started out in business together with award winning specialist online agency, Trio Interactive. Now, 23 years later, they are still innovating with SnoreMeds. Snoremeds comes in two sizes, one for men and one for women, packaged in single, double and value packs. Order Today


Philippa Logan

Entrepreneur Philippa Logan says their success story in the sleep and snoring industry began with their first joint business – award-winning online specialist agency Trio Interactive. “We have drawn on nearly 23 years of building a solid business and innovating in the digital space”. Through online sales, Snoremeds has exported internationally to countries such as Norway, America, New Zealand and Australia for eight years. Order Today

The Mandibular Advancement Device

Mandibular advancement devices have been in the market for over a decade and are well established as devices that assist in the prevention of Snoring and light obstructive sleep apnea. They are recommended as a treatment for snoring by dentists, doctors and sleep specialists alike. We have been supplying the global market with anti snoring mouthpieces since 2002 and have acquired invaluable knowledge and feedback from snoring patients which has subsequently helped in the research and advancement of the device.

The SnoreMeds Original 2006

The SnoreMeds™ original was developed in and is one of the leading mandibular advancement devices in the market today. With our continued research and customer reviews, we launched our new device for women into the market place in 2010 which caters for a smaller fit and deeper bite.

The SnoreMeds™ stop snoring mouthpiece assists in relieving snoring symptoms and works for 85% of snoring sufferers but is not a cure for snoring as the patient will have to continue with the device until they address the problem causing the obstruction and vibration.

The success of the SnoreMeds™ mouthpiece was created by our extensive customer reviews, testimonials and feedback. 

- It has twin holes in the front of the mouthpiece and this allows for ease of swallowing and night nasal problems.

- The material is specific (FDA cleared for medical and dental use) and of a certain grade to make the device comfortable to wear yet still have the strength to hold the lower jaw in the forward position.

- The mouthpiece comes with a disposable spatula which allows for a second remold and aids in holding the mouthpiece for easy cleaning


Our Commitment

Nearly ninety million American’s snore when they sleep. A quarter of couples say it ruins their sex lives and ten percent say they've even considered divorce. We take solving this medical condition really seriously, and are committed to offering you a better quality of Sleep.

Our Quality

SnoreMeds is manufactured from a high quality anti-allergenic thermoplastic. The material is safe FDA approved for medical use, and is also BPA and latex free.

Easy to Fit

A simple Fitment process that gets professional results. Molded in the privacy of your own home, with two chances to achieve a firm fit


What price would you place on a good nights sleep. At 14c a night SnoreMeds is one of the most affordable snoring solutions available in the market today

Safe and guaranteed to work

The SnoreMeds anti-snoring mouthpiece is recommended by dentists and doctors as a safe, effective and long term Snoring Solution

Designed for Men and women

One size does not fit all. Based on the popular Original fit for Men, SnoreMeds has specifically designed a smaller anti-snoring mouthpiece with a deeper bite for women who snore