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SnoreMeds™ Stop Snoring Solution

Highly effective solution to reduce snoring, mild sleep apnea and bruxism
Recommended by dentists and doctors
Two sizes specially designed for Men and Women according to jaw size
BPA & Latex Free
FDA Cleared Material
Worldwide Shipping
45 Day money back guarantee on Single and Double Packs

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Our Commitment

Nearly ninety million American’s snore when they sleep. A quarter of couples say it ruins their sex lives and ten percent say they've even considered divorce. We take solving this medical condition really seriously, and are committed to offering you a better quality of Sleep.

Our Quality

SnoreMeds is manufactured from a high quality anti-allergenic thermoplastic. The material is safe FDA approved for medical use, and is also BPA and latex free.

Easy to Fit

A simple Fitment process that gets professional results. Molded in the privacy of your own home, with two chances to achieve a firm fit


What price would you place on a good nights sleep. At 14c a night SnoreMeds is one of the most affordable snoring solutions available in the market today

Safe and guaranteed to work

The SnoreMeds anti-snoring mouthpiece is recommended by dentists and doctors as a safe, effective and long term Snoring Solution

Designed for Men and women

One size does not fit all. Based on the popular Original fit for Men, SnoreMeds has specifically designed a smaller anti-snoring mouthpiece with a deeper bite for women who snore