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Snoring problems and your relationship

Snoring problems and your relationship!

The study - which was conducted by researchers at the University of Pittsburgh School of Medicine - consisted of 35 healthy, married couples that had an average age of 32. For ten days the couples wore bracelets called Actigraphs which measured the amount of time each participant took to fall asleep, partners who suffered from a snoring problem were affected taking longer to fall asleep. The couples then kept diaries and noted the good and bad interactions they encountered between each other throughout the ten-day study.

A recent study revealed that more wives suffer from marital stress due to sleep loss than their husbands do!

The Sleep Results:

It was revealed that the husbands were not affected by sleep loss BUT that the wives were. It was found that the longer it took for the wives to fall asleep, the more likely the couple and their interactions would suffer the following day. Their interactions would include feelings of being ignored or criticized.

Want to keep your wife happy and home a peaceful place? Improve her sleep quality and your relationship by solving your snoring problem.

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Curing your snoring problem is as easy as using SnoreMeds™ anti-snoring mouthpiece! The oral device helps by positioning and holding your lower jaw slightly forward while you sleep. This adjustment ensures that the throat remains open, ensuring that the airway doesn't become narrow. This will therefore eliminate the vibrations you (and your wife) hear as snoring due to the air being able to flow through the airway freely and unobstructed!

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