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Snoring Remedy, Fact or Fiction ?

Snoring remedy, fact or fiction?

Is your partners snoring keeping you up at night?

Well you are not alone with the number of snorers increasing every year.

With no known cure for snoring, thousands of snorers and even more so their partners are looking for a snoring solution that can give them a good nights sleep. So, is sewing tennis balls in pyjamas, an old fashioned remedy for snoring, fact or fiction?

The answer is indeed a fact!

Sleeping with a tennis ball in your back is so uncomfortable that it forces you to change your sleeping position and lie on your side.

The benefits definitely lie in favour of the snorers partner. They get to sleep a peaceful night without having the irritation of prodding their snoring partner to sleep on their side.

Sleeping on your back puts in you in a prime position to snore. Your tongue and soft tissue relax, drop back and partially block the airway causing that dreaded sound of snoring. However if you sleep on your side you have a better chance of keeping your airway free.

If you cannot get used to the idea of sleeping with a tennis ball in your shirt there are other alternatives which which could fit your snoring lifestyle.

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