5 Simple Steps to Fit your Stop Snoring Mouthpiece

what you will need

step one

  •  A clear surface to boil the water
  •  A kettle or a pot to boil water
  •  A deep mug to submerge the mouthpiece
  •  A timing device which can measure in seconds
  •  A mirror to practice the fitting
Fitting the Stop Snoring mouthpiece

prepare to fit

step two

  •  Make sure the anti snoring mouthpiece is the right way up
  •  Insert the fitment spatula completely into the holes at the front
  •  Practice infront of the mirror inserting the mouthpiece
  •  Move your lower jaw forward
SnoreMeds anti-snoring mouthpiece

prepare to mold

step three

  •  Pour the boiling water into the mug
  •  Place the mouthpiece in the boiling water for 18 seconds
  •  The mouthpiece will appear clear and the plastic soft
  •  Stand in front of a mirror to see what you are doing during the fitting
SnoreMeds boiling in hot water 18 seconds

fitting the mouthpiece

step four

  •  Place the mouthpiece in your mouth
  •  First position the mouthpiece onto your lower jaw
  •  Bring your upper jaw down carefully into position
  •  Make sure your teeth are within the gutters
  •  With a firm bite, move your lower jaw forward by 3-5mm and bite down
  •  Use both index fingers to press the mouthpiece to create a tight mold
Molding the SnoreMeds mouthpiece using your index fingers

mouthpiece is ready to use

step five

  •  Rinse under cold water, for the mold to set
  •  Shake off the water droplets and remove the fitment spatula
  •  For hygiene and safe keeping store in the container provided
  •  Your custom mouthpiece is now ready to use
Rinsing the SnoreMeds mouthpiece after molding

sleeping with the mouthpiece

final steps

  •  The mouthpiece takes 3-5 days to get comfortable in your mouthpiece
  •  If you experience any discomfort after 5 days, check your fitting
  •  Always consult with your ENT Doctor before purchasing a mouthpiece
  •  SnoreMeds Stop Snoring Mouthpiece is designed for both Men and Women
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