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Anti-Snoring Mouthpiece for Men and Women



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"The product works as advertised. My husband is very happy! Took me a day or two to get used to the feel of it but now I hardly notice. Might take someone longer if they have not used a bite guard in the past. The molding process was super easy and worked great."

Beth G. - USA 🇺🇸


"Love it. Snoremeds is the only real sleeping mouthpiece. It is large enough that you won't swallow it in your sleep. I tried 3 cheap mouth pieces on amazon, none of them were any good."

Charles D - UK 🇬🇧


"Would not go to bed without them. I have been using SnoereMeds for about 5 years now and would not go to bed without. I have recommended them to friends and even order for them. The value pack is a true value."

Tony W - USA 🇺🇸

Snoring Relief from the first night.

FREE Shipping with a 45 day Money Back Guarantee on Single and Double Packs

SnoreMeds is an easy-to-use, custom-fit anti-snoring mouthpiece that you wear while you sleep. Highly effective with 85% of snoring sufferers. It works by gently moving the lower jaw slightly forward, opening the throat, and keeping the airway unobstructed. This eliminates the vibrations we know as snoring.

It holds your jaw and tongue forward to improve breathing. Custom molded teeth impressions for a comfortable and secure fit. Treat the root cause of snoring and start getting restful sleep.

Barry C - 🇺🇲 USA ⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐

"I have snored for years, to the point, it affected relationships and quality of sleep. I have been using the anti-snoring mouthguard for over a month. My partner says I am no longer snoring and I am no longer waking up during the night. Highly recommended."

Anti-Snoring Mouthpiece Pack Quantities

SnoreMeds anti-snoring mouthpiece is available in 3 different pack quantities.

  • Single Pack - 1 x Snoring Mouthpiece | 1 x Fitment Spatula | 1 x Storage Container | Instruction leaflet.
  • Double Pack - 2 x Snoring Mouthpiece | 2 x Fitment Spatula | 1 x Storage Container | Instruction leaflet.
  • Value Pack - 4 x Snoring Mouthpiece | 2 x Fitment Spatula | 1 x Storage Container | Instruction leaflet.

Snoremeds is Recommended by Professionals.

SnoreMeds anti-snoring mouthpieces are SAFE to use and are:

  • FDA cleared Thermoplastic
  • Latex Free

An anti-snoring mouthpiece lasts a year. Preferably it needs to be changed every 4 months in case of bacterial build-up.

Not recommended for people who wear dentures or under the age of 16.

Snoremeds 45 Money Back Refund 45 Day Money Back Guarantee

SnoreMeds snoring solutions has been bringing effective relief to snorers for over 10 years with thousands of anti-snoring mouthpieces used every night. Try it for 45 nights. If you don't love it, we'll refund the item cost. Refund is available for Single and Double Packs

SnoreMeds anti-snoring mouthpiece 100% guaranteed satisfaction Safe and Guaranteed to Work

SnoreMeds anti-snoring mouthpiece is manufactured from a high-quality anti-allergenic thermoplastic. The material is safe FDA approved for medical use and is also BPA and latex-free. This professional mouthpiece is recommended by dentists and doctors as a safe, effective, and long-term Snoring Solution.

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