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How SnoreMeds Works


The SnoreMeds anti-snoring mouthpiece has been specifically designed to comfortably support the lower jaw in a forward position. By repositioning the lower jaw by 0.1 inches, it opens up the airway sufficiently to allow the airflow to flow unobstructed during sleep.

These mandibular advancement devices have been used for more than a decade. Professionals recommend the use of anti-snoring devices as a long term solution for habitual snoring.

Diagram showing how an anti snoring mouthpiece works.


Snoring is caused by a partial blockage of the upper airway behind the tongue. When we’re awake, our breathing is unobstructed as our body consciously keeps our upper airway open. But when we’re asleep, the muscles around our airway relax, and the airway often becomes narrower. For most people who snore, air rushing through the narrowed opening causes the soft tissue in this part of the upper airway to vibrate, making the sound of ‘snoring’

Stop Snoring with an anti snoring mouthpiece that works from the first night


  • Safe and guaranteed to work
  • Comfortable to wear
  • Custom molded
  • Easy to fit
  • Affordable
  • Available in two sizes
  • Designed for men and women
  • Stops snoring from the first night
An affordable, simple to wear, safe anti snoring mouthpiece

Will SnoreMeds anti-snoring mouthpiece stop my snoring?

Try this quick snoring test.

  1. Breathe in deeply feeling the air rush to the back of your throat as if you are snoring.
  2. Now breathe out and relax.
  3. Now move your lower jaw forward and at the same time breathe in deeply again.

If the vibration is reduced, and the air flows freely then a SnoreMeds anti-snoring mouthpiece will stop you from Snoring.

Try the Snoremeds snoring test to see if an Anti snoring mouthpiece works for your type of snoring


The Original Fit Stop Snoring Mouthpiece is recommended for men who usually have a a larger jaw. The Small Fit Anti-Snoring Mouthpiece has been designed with women in mind. It has a deeper bite for women, ensuring that it is as comfortable as it is effective.

Snoremeds anti snoring mouthpiece comes in two sizes, Original for Men and Small Fit for Women

What are SnoreMeds customers saying?


-  My husband appreciates these -

"These actually work! I will say that overtime they somehow wear out and lose their effectiveness. However, for the cost, I don’t mind replacing them every several months."

Andrea L - USA 🇺🇸


- Can't live without it -

"I use this every night to stop snoring. The small fit is comfortable and works well."

Dawn L - USA 🇺🇸


- Check this one out -

I really like this mouthpiece. I found the mouthpiece to be very comfortable and had a softness and flexibility in my mouth. It was also effective in stopping/controlling my snoring,.... and I will be ordering a new one in the future."

Pat H - Australia 🇨🇦

Snoring Solutions for Men and Women

Simple instructions to mold an anti-snoring mouthpiece

Fitment instructions cannot get easier. A step by step visual story on how to mold the anti-snoring mouthpiece successfully the first time.