My partner and I have been struggling for a few years with my uncontrollable fanatical snoring. We asked at the local dispensary one day in desperation what they had for snoring, like we did where ever we went that had medical supplies. The sales assistant enthusiastically said Yes, they have this new revolutionary product and took us to the section and produced a box of “SNOREMEDS”.
Well, to say the least I took one look at this and thought, “I am not paying $34 for a gum guard, crickey man they use those things to put in their mouth to play rugby”. How is that going to help my snoring?- and left in another unsuccessful attempt to try let my partner sleep peacefully. I was ok, I don’t hear myself and sleep like a baby, well so I thought. But then recently I saw an advert in the media for SNOREMEDS.

Stop snoring, change your life

Forgetting that I had already turned my nose up to this this product I read the benefits of the anti-snoring device :-
wake up fresh, not exhausted, something so simple can make such a difference ... I’ve got so much energy, I’ve got my life back 85% success rate.

So, what do we do next????? Google the product…….. WOW, no wonder I feel drowsy, permanently tired, get headaches, anxiety, cannot shake off the aging weight gain, let alone aggravating possibilities of being prone to strokes, heart attacks etc, etc and so it goes on. I am not only keeping my partner awake, the sleep I think I am getting is actually of no quality at all because of the constant subconscious interruptions.

So, what now? That’s right get the product and try it out:-

Night 1: 26 June 2013.

I collect my first anti-snoring mouth piece and am told exactly how to prepare it. Read the pamphlet thoroughly because I want to do this right. It has to work. I expect much discomfort for the night as I prepare the mould. I am told that the boiling water used during preparation before putting it in your mouth doesn’t burn….Yeah sure, boiling water does not burn mmm…….. Guess what? It does not. Straight from the boiling water into my mouth, “I will sue them if I burn myself”……..nothing, well that worked. No lies here, so lets put the rest to the test.[pullquote style="right"]How the hell I am going to sleep with this thing in my mouth, Well, not bad at all, especially for the first night.[/pullquote]That evening around 22h30 we go to bed, I fit my new found friend and head down. I experience a full mouth but not nearly as uncomfortable as I imagined. I thought “How the hell I am going to sleep with this thing in my mouth”. Well, not bad at all, especially for the first night.

The sensation I felt was like breathing in the cool air through my mouth, I could feel an open passage way through to my throat. Believe me, I don’t think you can breathe through your mouth with the mould in.
I think to myself, this is quite comfortable and if what opening the passage stops the snoring, then this must work. Tomorrow I will submerge the mould in boiling water again and mould it further to make it fit more snug and comfortable.
On asking my partner how it went, she replied- I still snored a little but nowhere near as bad as I have been………………

Night 2: Wearing the snoring mouthpiece.

I look forward to tonight's experience. Today I have a luncheon which traditionally leads to excessive alcohol consumption, something that generally makes the snoring worse and the mould has been re-moulded for comfort and hopefully effectiveness. Till tomorrow……..
Morning………….mmmmmmm, yes it was a good one and HEY, the mouth piece was so comfortable I lost it during the night, yes I woke up in the early hours of the morning and found it in bed with me……….BUT my partner said I DID NOT SNORE…………….. Even after all that drinking
This is truly a break through that I need to test for a few more days before I declare it the miracle mould.
One more thing for all the dentists out there:- ”The mould also stops me grinding my teeth.” Just another benefit to the credit of SnoreMeds

It is now 12 days since starting to use SnoreMeds anti-snoring device.

I am happy to say that the results seem to be remarkable. My partner says Yes, it really works and she is very happy about that.
I have lost the mouth piece twice during the night in the last 10 days. These are my experiences:-
I rinse the anti-snoring mouth piece before going to bed. The wet creates much saliva and swallowing, but that goes quickly.
The mouth piece is generally comfortable and maybe a little loose due to grinding. Living separately most of the time, I don’t wear the mould every night. (4 out of 7 nights ). I find this gives my mouth a break as it is not that comfortable. Maybe if I wore it more often I would get used to it more? don’t know, it still feels a little awkward and my mouth and jaw feel a little disjointed in the morning. I want to try set another mould as maybe I have pushed my jaw out too far creating the disjointed feeling after a night of having it in.

THE GREAT THING IS, IT DOES WORK. My partner said I breathe heavier, BUT I DON’T SNORE and the slight discomfort is worth that.

I don’t know how long it will take to sleep through and my constant tiredness also goes, another reason that made me attempt the mould. I want to get that feeling great again because I have not been and still don’t sleep well.