Do Women Snore?

Yes, Snoring and sleep apnea in women are often confused or misdiagnosed. Excessive daytime sleepiness, fatigue, decreased libido, depressed mood, headache, impaired concentration and obesity are all symptoms associated with snoring and sleep apnea. But they are also symptoms of hypothyroidism, depression, menopause and diabetes.

Women's snoring symptoms are often misdiagnosed

It has been said that men do not wake as easily as women, so it is not as frequent to find a man jabbing his wife in the ribs, rolling her onto her side in the night or discussing with his friends how loud his wife snores. In a doctor consult, a woman will discuss her fatigue, headaches and increased weight gain, but will be none the wiser to her snoring.

Stop Snoring, change you life!

The symptoms of snoring and sleep apnea have an adverse effect on neurological and psychological function resulting in poor work performance, difficulty in concentrating and memory impairment, so to all the women who have any of these symptoms don't rule out the fact that you could be snoring and your solution to a changed life could be  a mouse click away.

Designed for women who snore

Simple by design, the anti-snoring mouthpiece works by holding the lower jaw slightly forward, in turn pulling the tongue and soft pallet away from the back of the throat and opening the airway. The anti-snoring mouthpiece for women, is smaller, has a deeper bite which relieves pressure off the front teeth with a snugger fit. All our mouthpieces are transparent and made from an FDA approved material which is BPA and latex free.

Choose to stop snoring today

For first time users we recommend the SnoreMeds double pack small fit. It contains two mouthpieces, so if you have any problems with the molding process there is a second one in the box.


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