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Am I at risk of damaging my Health

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A Third to Half Americans complain of Poor Sleep!

But not all may be equal in the world of sleep. Scientists in  Durham North Carolina say that women need more sleep than men. In fact they need at least 20 minutes longer and can suffer, mentally and physically without adequate sleep. Women use more of their brains, to juggle their family, household and work. They tend to be lighter sleepers, awoken by their children, partners or hormonal irregularities.

Women are more prone than men to take sleeping pills. Not enough shut eye can cause, anger, depression and hostility in the morning. If this sounds familiar you might not be getting enough sleep.

On the surface Sleeping pills seem like the perfect cure for insomnia. However Doctors warn that Sleeping pills come with their problems. Before you turn to sleeping pills to help you sleep, read up on these possible side affects.

Sleeping pills are generally prescribed as a short time drug to help you establish patterns to achieve natural sleep. When you take these drugs for a longer period of time your body builds an intolerance to the drug. Often the dosage is increased by the user to achieve the same level of sleep. But when does this stop? Sleep specialists agreed that problems evolve after taking these sleep drugs for longer than 7-10 days.

Certain forms of sleeping pills stay in your system for longer. These side affects may cause you to become forgetful, impair your ability to drive or operate machinery safely. The FDA has even recommended different dosages, lower for women than for their male counterparts.

Some sleeping pills cause physical behaviour changes

    - Sleep walking 

    - Disorientation when waking up

    - Amnesia 

    - Depression 

    - Breathing problems 

    - Unusual dreams 

    - Balance problems

Some affects are harder to detect due to Parasomnia. Parasomnia are movements, behaviours and actions that you have no control of. Women have been known to make phone calls or even have sex without knowing about it the next morning.

Studies have shown that long term dependance on sleeping pills can interfere with sleep patterns. The best way to avoid dependance is to follow the doctors recommendation and stop using the sleeping pills on the prescribed date.

In sleep studies performed on a variety of candidates over the age of 40 it was realised that most sleep patterns were broken, from uncontrolled sleep environments and emotional stress related problems. Sleeping pills would not solve these issues long term.

6 Tips to stop snoring at an early age!

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Is snoring a danger to your health?

Snoring might be more dangerous than you think!Snoring, although it is a joke around the dinner table, it is a complex sleep disorder that plays havoc with your health and relationships. Snoring is more often associated with men but a large percentage of women are seeking help for their snoring condition.Snoring is a symptom, and [...]

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Snoring Remedy, Fact or Fiction ?

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Is your relationship in trouble?

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Is there a permanent cure for snoring?

Is surgery the ultimate snoring solution? I did not want to be the bearer of bad news, but NO there is no cure for snoring! However there are some remedies and snoring solutions that work better than others. We are often asked if surgery would permanently cure snoring and I am sure many more snorers would opt for this [...]

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​Is your sleep position causing you to snore?

Your sleep position plays an important role in how well you sleep. Changing your body position can make all the difference between having a good night’s sleep or not. Several studies have shown that individuals who sleep on their back are more likely to snore or suffer from sleep apnea than their counterparts who slept on [...]

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Why women’s snoring and sleep apnea is often mis-diagnosed?

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How we sleep is really how we wake up in the morning

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We're not the only ones in the family who snore!

Our beloved pets can also contribute to our sleepless nightsAlthough there are hundreds of remedies and solutions for snoring, human snoring that is, no one has come up with the ultimate solution to help us out with our pets.Who hasn’t spent endless nights surfing the net, looking for cures and trying to imagine using the [...]

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