How does SnoreMeds compare?

How does SnoreMeds compare?

Posted by Philippa Logan On 25th Oct 2017

Boil and Bite Anti-Snoring Mouthpiece

Boil and bite mouthpieces have been available for over a decade and work on a simple principle of gently positioning the lower jaw in the forward position, moving the soft tissue with the tongue away from blocking the airway during sleep.
SnoreMeds was one of the first mandibular advancement devices to be manufactured from a slightly softer thermo allergenic plastic, easy to mold and comfortable to wear. The mouthpiece was designed with dual holes which alleviates saliva build up which avoids another common problem with other mouthpieces. Due to the success of the Original fit for Men, SnoreMeds launched a Small Fit anti-snoring mouthpiece specifically designed for women.

Guarantee Price Size Dentures
SnoreMeds MAD 45 Day $46.95 Two No
Good Morning Snore Solution TRD 90 Day $99.00 One Yes
SnoreRX MAD 30 Day $99.00 One No 
Zyppah MAD 45 Day $89.00
One No

Tongue Retaining Device

Good Morning Snore Solution works by holding the tongue forward during sleep and preventing the tongue falling back and blocking the airway. The device requires no custom fitment and one size fits all.

Adjustable Anti-Snoring Mouthpiece

SnoreRX works on the same principal as the SnoreMeds anti-snoring mouthpiece and also takes a custom impression to provide a proper fit. SnoreRX is adjustable to allow the device to be calibrated in 1mm increments.

A Mouthpiece with a Tongue Strap

Zyppah is a unique oral appliance which has a band that holds the tongue down and in place.

This comparison of snoring solutions are equally comparable. They will all work as they have all been designed around a common solution to solve snoring. It is more accurate to say the choice of a device is a preference.
All mouths are not designed equal and this will be the deciding factor for comfort and solution.

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