Snoring Testimonials

 So what do our customers say?

1 in every 4 people snore according to research. Even our pets snore! For up to 85% of those snoring sufferers the solution is simple. The reason why the SnoreMeds anti-snoring mouthpiece has become so popular amongst snoring sufferers is because it works!

Recommended by acredited Dentists and Doctors.

Mandibular advancement devices have been in the market for the last decade and have been proven to be extremely effective in reducing snoring.

It takes about 10 days for the average user to feel comfortable using the device. Initially it will create slight discomfort and in some cases salivation. Research has been positive for the use of mandibular devices on a long term basis.

Women are often quiet about their snoring problems.

Possibly it is because women have been brought up with certain notions of what it takes to be feminine and stylish, and snoring certainly doesn’t factor into either of those categories. Going beyond the one-size-fits-all concept, SnoreMeds has now come out with a second anti-snoring mouthpiece in its range ‘Small Fit” aimed to help women who snore.



     – John Dean, 45

"Hi guys. I would say my snoring is 85% gone now, and that's just after a short while of use. I'm able to focus much better at work as well, because I feel so much more rested."


     – Riaan Coetzee, 43

"At first I was concerned that my snoring was a sign of obstructive sleep apnea. I went to see an ENT specialist, who told me I was simply a chronic snorer. He suggested I try a mandibular advancement device such as SnoreMeds. Well, I followed his advice and I wasn't disappointed."

SnoreMeds Anti-snoring mouthpiece is recommended by dentists and doctors

      – Riëtte Mulder, 60snore-review.png

"I have tried the Snoremeds device and it works perfectly for me. I am taking it with me wherever I travel as it is the best new addition to my vanity kit! I look forward to hearing my husband and children's feedback as they are the ones who complain about my snoring. Surprisingly, Snoremeds feels comfortable during use. I didn't even need to follow the moulding instructions as the device was a perfect fit for the contours of my mouth. The mouthpiece contains breathing holes allowing you to breathe normally. It is impossible to swallow it,so it is perfectly safe.

An additional benefit of using this device is that it disables any kind of teeth gnashing whilst you asleep. I have no doubt that teeth grinding and snoring are major contributors to headaches and I often wake up with one.
In short, Snoremeds is a simple, inexpensive and, most importantly, an effective solution to prevent snoring, teeth grinding and headaches. I'm delighted to have discovered Snoremeds."


      – Jason Torrance, 58

"I used to be so embarrassed about my snoring problem. I only had to take one look at my wife's face in the morning to know that it had been another long, exhausting night for her. So I decided to look for a solution. I came across the SnoreMeds site and was immediately interested at what they were offering. Thanks to SnoreMeds, I'm now able to look my wife in the eye again."



– Shirley Cook, 39

"I feel much better now that I have tried your product. I was a bit skeptical at first. After all, everything I had tried previously hadn't worked. But after a few nights of getting used to the SnoreMeds snoring mouthpiece - its comfortable fit and feel in my mouth - I was sold. And suffice to say, my snoring has gone."


   - Francis Marsh

"OK, guess what. They really work. How do I know? My wife is sleeping through the night, and I am getting quality sleep, and feel refreshed when I wake up for the first time in years. I bought the double pack, screwed up the first mouthpiece, did much better on the second (it works and is comfortable), and will order another one soon"


     – Jen Wills, 26

"A great-looking product and, more importantly, an effective one."