Stop Snoring Value Pack Women

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Box Contents:
4 Anti Snoring Mouthpieces, 2 Fitment Spatulas, 1 Container

SnoreMeds Value Pack for Women is conveniently packaged with four stop snoring mouthpieces, two fitment spatulas for cleaning and a clear anti-bacterial container for storage. Guaranteed to offer you peace of mind and a really good nights sleep.


How to Custom Fit
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45 day money back guarantee only applies to Single and Double packs

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Product Description

Small Fit size: Recommended for Women
Ease of Use: Simple once off Customized fit
Safe: FDA cleared Thermoplastic, BPA and latex free
Manufactured life span per mouthpiece is 1 year, however we highly recommend that you change the mouthpiece every 3-4 months for the hygiene and safety of your teeth and gums.
Not suitable for people that wear dentures, have sore gums or children under the age of 18.

45 Day Money-Back Guarantee only applies to our Single and Double packs only